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Our Mission

The Past is Future Project was created to reclaim works from the past and pull them into the present, as well as create a platform for the next generation of great playwriting. We do this because we believe that old stories contain thematic material, problems, and topics that still continue to reflect and affect us today. The goal is to reclaim the canon and destroy the barriers to experiencing and discussing great theatre.

Our Mission is made up of the following core values:

1: To create an accessible performance space, where barriers of participation are broken and narratives reimagined and reclaimed.

2: To create an artist-led environment, that values that people that create the work by trusting passions and viewpoints.

3: To create compelling narratives that challenge our perspectives and inspire discussion.

We dare to destroy and rebuild the canon.

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Our Creative Team

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Daniel Collette

Co-Artistic Director

Daniel is a playwright, dramaturg, and improviser based out of the Twin Cities.

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Ahnika Lexvold

Co-Artistic Director

Ahnika is a director, educator, and costume designer based out of the Twin Cities.

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